The Eternal Struggle


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Get to Know James Rourke

James Rourke is an educator that pulled himself out of the slump of feeling burnt out in a field that seems to be set up to fail and produce failures while making the bureaucracy that run it look like they are actually achieving something impressive. The fact is that only educators that are capable of pulling themselves out of the self-destructive slump that such a negative system seems to perpetually generate are capable of excelling and helping those under them do the same. It is not the system that is broken, but the educators!

Of course the system could be fixed too, but what hero would wait around for that? That’s the argument made by James Rourke, and it holds plenty of water. In fact, his interest with heroes goes deeper as you’ll soon learn but let’s stop for a minute. If you want home every day and felt miserable about what you were doing, then what the heck are you doing with your life? If you don’t have a good answer for that, please quit your job and find something that suits you!

On The Subject of Superheroes

James Rourke is not only an educator, but he’s an author. He’s dabbled in non-fiction and fiction alike, but one of his most definitive works is a book that fuses both: The Comic Book Curriculum: Using Comics to Enhance Learning and Life. This book teaches us how to view our world through the lens of the comic book world, which itself is often a highly polarized take on certain aspects of society. This is approach can be used to each history, points of view, or even to build new levels of self-awareness. Through these tales of our time we can connect with a social conscience and tap into new ways of looking at common problems.

Are You Your Own Hero?

Ask yourself this one question: at the end of the day are you your own hero? Do others view you as a hero? If so why or if not, then why not? These questions can ultimately help you reach new levels of satisfaction in your own life, and they can also help connect you to a binding social awareness to which we are all subject at one level or another. This is part of what James Rourke has to teach us, and having touched so many people with this knowledge we can all benefit from helping ourselves and others!