The Eternal Struggle

A Short Tidbit on James Rourke Himself

James Rourke has been a teacher for sixteen years and is dedicated to helping teachers and students realize their potential. His two books reflect this commitment. From my Classroom to Yours discusses his personal bout with "teacher burnout" and the methods he used to regain his passion for teaching and learning. The Comic Book Curriculum is an invigorating guide to the use of familiar comic book heroes to hook student interest and bring your existing curriculum to life in unexpected and rewarding ways. Anyone from administrators to teachers, parents to comic book fans, will find something to smile about in The Comic Book Curriculum.

Review of The Comic Book Curriculum: Using Comics to Enhance Life & Learning

Proving the a classroom does not have to be a boring place at all, James Rourke shows educators how to infuse the stories and tales of comic book legends to the classroom. Best of all, he walks around several issues that comic books themselves use to circumspectly comment on modern and past social issues in an intelligent want. Moreover, the book teaches a level of introspection that is hard to match yet everyone has tried at some point by answering the question: what superhero or superpower do you like most?

The Eternal Struggle Review

Most people think of James Rourke as an educator first and perhaps a comic book aficionado second. What many people do not know is that Mr. Rourke has several unique ideas rolling around in his head for his own content that are unlike anything else that we have ever witnessed, and The Eternal Struggle is proof of that. Best described as a journey through Hell to get to Heaven on a road turned wrong, this is easily one of the most amazing and impressive works of science fiction of our generation. Drawing strongly upon the comic book foundations of morality and flawed characters, there is nothing comic about this story. It is a serious and unique undertaking not to be missed.

Review of From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on Teaching

While this book is easily the oldest of the three main James Rourke books, it is certainly one of the most popular. Focusing heavily on the realistic tale of his own self-reflecting journey to return to the fundamental passion that made him want to be a teacher in the first place. Breaking through the unproductive and even self-destructive cycles that teachers in the United States often feel, especially in regards to what seems to be a system designed for failure, this book is a must read for any educator. Rourke breaks down his proven methods in a way that does not foist them upon you, but rather teaches you how to look inside yourself and find what works for you as a teacher and as a student.