The Eternal Struggle

Who The Heck is James Rourke?

The lines from that old rap song are about to ring true: If you don’t know, now ya know! James Rourke is a teacher and author with a passion for connecting us to the stories of our time. Just what are the stories of our time? Surprisingly they would probably be most accurately described as comic books! That’s right, look at the world around you. What movies are breaking box office records? Are they movies with superheroes in them? More often than not the answer is yes.

James Rourke brings these characters, stories, and situations to the real world in such a way that everyone can see what it is that we like or hate about such people or situations. Understanding these facts can help us relate to our world, our situations, and each other in a way that will make us all feel like the heroes that we want to be at the end of the day.

What Has James Rourke Done For You?

People who do not know about James Rourke and his work might wonder just what it is that James Rourke has done for them. That’s a fair question to ask in and of itself, but it is one that has a very complex answer. James Rourke has completely reverse engineered the entire psychology of superheroes in order to explain how we as individuals can bring out the best in ourselves in a way that aligns ourselves with the ideals and actions of those we admire the most.

Ok, ok, ok…so maybe you’re not into comics. That’s ok. Not everyone is. But the same things that make us all interested on one level or another in superheroes, whether it be their flaws or strengths, is what James brings to light. If you want to see what it is that interests you or other people in a particular power, hero, or character, you owe it to yourself to read his books!

Praise For James Rourke’s Work

"James Rourke does an excellent job of showing how major superheroes and their stories raise some of the deepest and most important ethical and psychological questions we all need to ask and answer. This book will be a major help in the classroom and beyond, and will help introduce many readers into the world of classic literature through a new doorway."

Tom Morris

Author of such books as If Harry Potter Ran General Electric, and Philosophy for Dummies, and Editor of Superheroes and Philosophy